Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Inner Cover

I woke up this morning to fresh snow.  We got around 3-4 inches. 
 And after the hubby came in from doing the clean up we had about 20 visitors.
It was funny because the hubby was packing up the trash to take it to the local dump/recycling center and I had just said that the Thanksgiving turkey carcass better go. (The pot  for soup  making has been sitting on the kitchen counter filled with my good intentions, but when I get home after a day of work the ambition has never been there for cooking down the bones. ) 
Anyhow, right after I mentioned the taking the turkey carcass to the dump I notice through the window these gobblers. No doubt looking for some easy pickings for food.  It's got to be hard for them in the winter as they are basically ground feeders but as their numbers seem to keep going up they must survive ok. 

Saturday was a dark day with snow from about noon on.
My Saturday evening party plans got changed because it was too far of a drive in the snow, all the way to Exeter, over an hour away from home. But a snowy afternoon meant a good time to bake some holiday cookies, take a little snooze and watch some episodes of the new season of the Crown. 
And I have another Let's Celebrate page for Sheila's challenge at Art Journal Journey.
It's the inside cover page from holiday journal.

I used some printed tissue paper over a bit of this printed holiday paper. Then I added some assorted items from my stash including a definition from a dictionary, a felt Santa and a silly little reindeer button with the back snipped off.
It is December and it is definitely a month to celebrate for many.
Happy new week , and I appreciate you stopping by to visit.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dashing through the Snow

Happy Saturday everyone.
 Later today we have snow in the forecast. It will be pretty, and I guess it is time for some winter weather. If nothing else it will make it seem more like the holidays than it has here.
So to celebrate (Let's celebrate is the latest theme) a first snow, I have this page today for Sheila's challenge at Art Journal Journey.
And I have some of these little fake gemstone snowflakes which I added onto the page, so I am also linking up to Try It On Tuesday and their latest theme of Twinkle Twinkle.
I began my page by using a tree mask and some dark green paint which I then followed using the matching tree stencil in some different shades of green. Once dry I stenciled the deer in dark brown. I used a brown Stabilo pencil to outline the deer after the paint dried, and then used a wet paint brush to spread the pencil and darken the area the around the deer,  I doodled on the tails, hooves and eyes. Some snowflakes are stamped as well as using the fake gemstones. Finally I added a little gold spray ink and a TH word strip.
And it took me a few days to unload photos off my phone so I'm a bit late, but the moon back at the beginning of this week was rather cool one night. It seemed the entire sky was clouded over except for right around the moon.

Happy weekend to you.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Let's Celebrate the Weekend

As I write this  it is Thursday night, which means it is almost Friday. I am ready for the weekend as the kids have just been driving me nuts this week. I get it, they are all excited for the holidays and vacation time coming in a couple of weeks, and us nasty teachers are making them do work. :)  Plus the sun popped out the last couple of days and I think they are as sun starved as I am.
But oh, it is a challenge.
So I have a journal page for Sheila's challenge over at Art Journal Journey. This month we are celebrating with a challenge titled Let's Celebrate. I stenciled some colorful fireworks. Then I painted and doodled the words and finally added some metallic sequins. And because my sequins have a bit of a twinkle to them, I am joining in with the Twinkle Twinkle challenge over at Try It On Tuesday.
And I won a little package from Michelle over at Tag Tuesday that I thought I would share with you today.
 First there was this awesome tag.
And then there was a nice little collection of some really fun stickers.
I have some fun ideas for these.:)
And there was also this postcard which also gives me a few ideas.

Thanks Michelle for some great prizes. 
Happy Almost weekend.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It Won't Lay Flat

 Hi everyone. It's a new day, Wednesday already, and I thought I would share some pages from my drawing journal with you just to switch it up a little bit.
I think I mentioned before how my book will not lay flat. It's so bad at this point that I have taken to cutting pieces of graph paper to fit the page and drawing on them out of the journal. Then I tape them into the book.
Good thing it is December and I only have a few more weeks to go in this book. I'm hoping once the month is over I can pile some heavy books on top of this for a month or so to flatten it out a bit.
But then, maybe it won't. 

This journal is my warm up  and I don't spend a lot of time on my sketches. Maybe that explains why when I looked at the sketch on the bottom left (below) in this photo, I couldn't tell what it was. I learn what works and what doesn't. It's all the learning curve.
 And don't laugh too hard, ok?
 It's me with a GIANT eye in a weird spot on my face. :) Oh my.
Hope everyone is having or has a good day!

Monday, December 4, 2017

T Stands for The Red Arrow Diner

Hi there ladies. It is another T Day again.  Time to share a drink related post over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.
And if you have never been by, we'd love to have to join us for T.
So I'm going to take you with me on my first visit to one of the Red Arrow diners.
The day before Thanksgiving I was off from work, and since my hubby had one of his monthly post-kidney transplant doctor's appointments, I went along for the ride. The hubby did not have the day off  so that afternoon (after his appointment) I dropped him off at work  and I went shopping for a couple of hours until it was time to go pick him up.
As it was then dinnertime, he suggested we go to the Red Arrow Diner for dinner.
The original Red Arrow Diner is in Manchester, New Hampshire and has been in business since 1922. It is a popular spot for presidential candidates to stop by during primary season. However we weren't in Manchester but were in Concord, New Hampshire where he works. The Red Arrow Diner had recently opened a restaurant near his office, serving the same menu as the original Manchester diner. 
We arrived at a perfect time because there was no wait for a table.  Yet within 15 minutes of our arrival there was a long waiting line. This top photo is looking out the window from our booth.
 Although this restaurant doesn't have the worn charm I image the original diner has, I still like the  look of it.

 The menu was huge. It had breakfast items, sandwiches and lots of comfort foods.
Since New Hampshire is a state just south of the Canadian Province of Quebec, we have a large French Canadian population. I looked it up online and found out that almost 1/4 of residents in my state have French Canadian ancestry. At one time Manchester was a successful mill city that attracted many people to move south over the border for jobs.  
So I wasn't really surprised to see poutine on the menu. It's a classic French Canadian dish.
I thought about getting poutine with an egg, but I went for breakfast instead (even if it was dinner time).
 I had a chili cheese omelet, some home fries and toast.  My drink was water.
I'd love this same thing for supper tonight. :) I should probably wait and post photos like this after I've had my dinner.
Have a great T day everyone.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Celebrating Christmas

 Hi everyone. Another Sunday night is here. I stayed home this weekend and managed to make some  traditional holiday and some not at all holiday art. It was great to have a big chunk of play time.:) One thing  I made was this tag for Tag Tuesday. The latest theme is Lime Green, which is my favorite color!
Today I am showing you a traditional holiday piece.
I made my tag by stamping the tree branches and coloring the tag green. Then I ran a piece of packing plastic with a calendar embossing folder through my die cut machine. I also die cut the ornament and snowflakes  and used a punch to make the deer.
Lately I haven't been using so many different techniques but I made a similar tag many years ago and wanted to challenge myself to do it again.
After I photographed it I attached my tag into my holiday journal.
The background is a gessoed page in my book which I partially covered with a sheet of holiday paper, a little tape and some red and green gemstones. I figured if I was going to do red and green, I might as well really do red and green.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I got a few long overdue cleaning projects done along with my art time. Works for me!
Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Joy

Hi everyone. I am very happy it is Saturday, and I got a much needed sleep in. :) Today's plan is a much needed house cleaning (or at least starting it) and some art all afternoon.  I will even get the house to myself for a few hours which sounds heavenly to me.
Before Thanksgiving I started a holiday journal. It's in a big old book  snagged from the discard pile at my school library.
At about 1500 pages it leaves me lots of room to pull out pages and still have lots of pages to alter, and the best part is I can use it again next year (and probably for a few years) because I will never manage to alter all the remaining pages in one season.
I was excited to see Sheila's latest challenge over at Art Journal Journey. The theme is Let's Celebrate,  which means my holiday journal pages link up with AJJ. Great choice of a theme Sheila.
My first one is called the dancer. I didn't really have any plans for this theme when I started.

I started this page using the top layer of a red city napkin-which you can see on the left.  But I noticed the second napkin layer still had a light imprint of the upper part on it and that was way too good to waste, so I added to to the right. Then I painted the dark night sky and added the little metal stars to fill in the space between the top of the page and the napkin.
OK, now what? So I went through my box of Christmas paper and stickers and found these sticker sheets  I bought last year after the holiday. They are actually tags and other images from the Nutcracker which are meant to decorate gifts. I got 2 packages for like 99 cents and to me why waste them on gifts? So I added the mouse, the dancer and the 2 big stars. They seem to fit in the city theme.
The quote is my own and it's pretty silly.

The lighting is terrible because the hubby snagged one of my best work lights for one of his plumbing projects, but I should get it back today. :) He's an excellent plumber and as I write he is getting my bathroom back in shape. (More happy Saturday news)
And since this is a Colorful piece, I am also linking up to Try It On Tuesday.
And before I forget (because I did at first), it is December second, which means it is time to join in over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog with a repost. I am going back to December of 2015.
Here's a link to post: Winter.
And here's the journal page that I showed you that day.
Since I was a little rate remembering it was the second and came back to add this in, I will get by everyone's posts later since it is after 11 AM and I have chores to accomplish.
And the moonrise last night was pretty spectacular.
 I snapped these on my phone. why is why there is no close up shots. But I think the bare tree branches looks pretty cool.
Time to get some projects done  instead of sitting here on the couch. Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 1, 2017

It's December

Hi everyone.  We're into December already. This year has flown by so fast, and I think many of you would agree with me.
This week has flown by for me also. It's been one of those weeks. The first 5 day work week in a month. I've had a couple of dental appointments. My daughter was home for a couple of nights. There are holiday decoration boxes all over  the house, and my tree is up but only half decorated. That's the first thing to finish this weekend. 
Plus we've had a couple of plumbing issues this week so my upstairs bathroom is pulled apart too. 
I need to get my house back together because the clutter is driving me nuts.
But at least it's been an interesting week.:)
So there's been no art going on as I've had no time, which is a shame because sometimes that's when I need the art the most.
Thought today I would share few more November photos with you before December really gets rolling.
Sunrise. This is on my way to work. Right now I leave at sunrise and get home at sunset. I am missing the sun for sure.
When the sun hit the telephone lines it looked like they were glowing. I don't think I've seen glowing telephone lines before.
And any apples left on the trees are now brown. It could snow anytime.
In fact, we had a dusting at the beginning of the week

And the garden is now brown and full of stalks.

Autumn is almost over. Winter is almost here.
Have a great start to your weekend.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

These Boots Were Made For

Keeping your feet warm and dry. :)
I can't believe tomorrow is the end of  November and so ends Chris great challenge over at Art Journal Journey. Her theme is 101 Ways to Keep Warm,. Thanks Chris for such a fun challenge.  My post today is inspired  by my boots, which you can se on my feet in this photo.
So after painting these boots on a piece of watercolor paper, I then used bits of a painted transfer  to make the boots shiny. I made the transfer by painting on Yupo paper and then applying some gloss gel medium. Once the gel medium dries you can peel it right off the Yupo paper (and use the paper again). :)
My proportions with the legs and dress are off, but they were an afterthought since without any legs and dress bottom the boots looked kind of empty. 
And I don't know if you remember a few weeks back I showed you the new beaver pond forming on my walk. Well when I went by it last weekend I noticed those beavers had been busy.
The whole right hand edge of the water is the dam that's being built.  I marked the dam for you as well as a couple of  obvious beaver gnawed trees.
This used to be just soggy area, not this little pond.
He's been a busy beaver and there are gnawed trees all over the place.

I think by spring there will be a new pond on my walk. I wonder where the beaver(s) came from.
That's kind of exciting. I enjoy seeing how nature changes.
Thanks for visiting.