Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Scissors and Glue Equal Collage

Hi everyone! I am waiting for the less humid air to move in, which they say it will be doing anytime now. The breeze has just picked up as I write and I've already opened the windows so maybe it will feel a little less damp and more comfortable in the house.
Yesterday I went to visit my mom in the morning and then on my way home stopped and did a little back to school clothes shopping for myself. Got a couple of things which is always fun. Those first few weeks of school usually require summer clothes, and my work collection is getting pretty shabby,  (seeing for some reason summer fabrics never seem to stay nice as long as the heavier winter fabrics), and right now if you can find anything there are pretty good deals. :)

One thing I haven't done in forever is to cover a blank board book with paper. It's fun to cut and paste and see what happens when you combine all the scraps. 
I usually come home for a journey (big or small) with lots of free tourist brochures and other paper pieces I collect along the way. So this time I decided instead of making a travel journal I would cut and paste and college. I would see what the process gave me.

This is the first half of the book. I  like the fact that it isn't a huge book to complete.
And how about some more photos from the trip to the Finger Lakes. I can't believe we left 2 weeks ago. 
These thistles were in a field next to the hotel, and when we left one morning , the sun was trying to burn through some fog which made it rather intriguing. 

So tomorrow it's back to work for me. I am 50% excited to go back and 50% ready to retire. I guess the fact that I am 50% ready to go back means I am not ready to retire yet. :) It amazes me I am starting year 34 of teaching. Holy cow. Where did time go?
And on that comment, I will wish you all a great day.

Monday, August 21, 2017

T Stands for Clear Skies

Hi everyone. Its another Tuesday, already. That means it is T Day. Time to share your drink related photos and stories over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.
So a couple of T Days ago I told you about my trip to the  beach restaurant on a local lake when a big thunderstorm blew through and that was the end of our dinner out. You can check out  or refresh your memory of the evening and my restaurant description here: T Stands for a Change of Plans.
So the past Sunday we decided to give it another try. We finally put the boat  onto the lake and motored over.
It was a beautiful day, no chance of rain this time, but there was a lot of chop to the water and it was a rough ride over. Since Lake Winnipesaukee is also called The Big Lake, it took us close to 2 hours to motor over. (We can drive it by car in about 45 minutes).
In order to get a docking space for the boat at the public town docks, you have to go early. There are usually lots of restaurants and shops around the different town docks, and on a nice summer weekend day, lots of folks have the same idea.
And here's where we headed for lunch.
 Since we needed to arrive early to dock the boat, we were one of the first to arrive at the restaurant.

 Here's my daughter and myself. We both had water and were sharing the drink in the little orange bucket.
 Here's the drink. I wanted to share with my husband, and we started with one, but then he wanted his own. It was way too much of a drink for me alone.
 But I enjoyed it with my crab cake sandwich and homemade chips.

So the solar eclipse looks like it was amazing in many parts of the US. Here in New Hampshire it was cool but not really dramatic as we only had a 60% eclipse. I built a pinhole viewer out of a shoe box since I didn't have eclipse glasses and got see it using that. I did find out though that in 2024 we'll have a total eclipse here, and that's not really all that far off.  I guess I will have to wait those 7 years to see it actually get dark. :)

That's all for me today. Hope everyone has a great T day and I really appreciate your stopping by my blog for a visit.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Eclipse is Coming

Hi everyone.  Its Sunday evening and tomorrow is the solar eclipse that is visible from much of the US.  Here in New Hampshire  we are only going to see the eclipse at 60%, but there are places in the US that will have a total solar eclipse.
The dark line shows the path of the eclipse and where the best viewing will be, and as you can see New Hampshire is way up on the right corner, far off from the total eclipse.  I am going to build one of those box pinhole cameras to view as much of the eclipse as we are going to have since I don't have any eclipse glasses and of course, you should never look right at the eclipse without eye protection.
Since tomorrow is a big day in astronomy, I have another page from night sky journal to show you.
To make my page I used a bit of paint, a sheet of old style computer paper (actually  12x12 printed paper not real vintage computer card), some stamps, a die cut, some stickers, some scrap paper and a little bit of sparkly paper tape. 
Blast off. 
I am planning on spending my last 3 days of vacation before I blast back into school having lots of fun me time. If I can spend  Monday in my happy place after I get home from my morning walk, life will be good. Going to miss my morning walks for sure once I get back to the classroom. I know I can walk after work but somehow that morning walk really gets me ready for the day.
And I also have some photos from my Finger lakes trip to show you. 
A little more glass perhaps from the Corning Glass Museum. Today I have photos of various (in no specific order) historic and cultural pieces.
Let's start with vintage scientific glass equipment.

 A section from a giant glass flask periodic table.
 A gorgeous stained glass screen.
 And window.
 And a close up.
And glass through the ages:

 This is a Roman goblet and horn shaped cup.
 Phoenician and Egyptian pieces
 And then some pieces that are relatively more modern than the ancient civilizations.

That's it for me today. Hope you have a wonderful start to your new week.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Twinkling Stars

Hi everyone.The weekend, already. This week FLEW right by.  For me, this past week has been the week of good intentions. Tuesday I was ready to go into school and set up my classroom when a friend text me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch, and since I don't see  my friend as often as I go to school, I decided to change my plans. And yesterday I was ready to go into school and set up my classroom when my husband called from his office to tell me his mom was sick. So I once again changed my plans and went up to stay with her until my sister-in-law arrived. Then it was off to the emergency room. Luckily my mother-in-law is doing much better, and they never diagnosed really anything except that her blood pressure was sky high and they sent her home with some meds and a doctor's appointment Monday morning.
I think I might just be skipping the classroom set up into our first teacher work day next Thursday.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something. :)
Do you remember the night sky journal I was working on? I haven't posted about it for awhile but I have another page to show you, which I am linking up to Jo's challenge of Poetry in Motion over at Art Journal Journey .
Here's the spread with this page.

My art has inspired me to read a space science classic.
This book has been on my shelf for years and yet I had never read it.  Until now. A nice geeky read to end my summer break. :)
And I've also been reading  this arty fictional book.
Christopher Moore (if you aren't familiar with him) writes comic fantasy (as Wikipedia calls it). This book is set in Paris during the heyday of Monet, Manet, Toulouse Lautrec, and other Impressionists. And then there's the fantasy character, the Colorman, who tried to sell them paints, especially the true blue or lapis lazuli. I'm enjoying it, but I haven't gotten far enough to see what or who the Colorman actually is and what magic he does, but I am curious to see.
And I'll leave you with this final photo I took one foggy morning while we were away in the Finger Lakes.
Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, August 18, 2017

More from the Corning Glass Museum

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am showing you more of the glass art from the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, New York (rather than any of my own art).
I showed you some earlier this week, and if you want to see it, here's the link: Glass Museum part 1.
This museum was huge, and although we spent  several hours there, we didn't see it all. I ended up taking photos of just some things I liked or found interesting. Here's some more from the large art glass exhibit. It was displayed in this very large stark white hall which made it all the more avant garde I think.
How about this glass bomb and some dynamite?

It's amazing the different colors, textures and shapes an artist can make with glass. Talk about a versatile medium.
And this one was really cool. Black glass rope, right?
Glass beads to make rope.  It must have taken forever to make this piece.
Fantastic textures.

Bird and then HUGE glass fruit, not that you can tell that it is that big here.  Each piece was definitely bigger than my hand.

There is a glass piece similar to this one at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

 And then we can move into the History of Glass gallery, which was even bigger. There was glass from the earliest human civilizations (that used glass) right up to modern glass. I think someone could spend an entire day just in the gallery. It was really quite complete as far as I could tell. I think I photograph maybe 1/10,000 of the items, and I still took well over 60 photos just in the gallery. I will wait to share those another day
Hope you enjoyed the views.